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I offer a unique, completely custom, approach to design. Working closely with the customer and the builder(s), we decide on what level of detail is necessary and produce only the drawings, renders, or blueprints needed to get the job done. It may be as simple as placing something into an existing photo or as complicated as a multi-room renovation or addition with all materials, colours, and utilities mapped out. I don't rely on generic renovation-type software or programs to generate what I do, so we can create anything imaginable and detail it to a fraction of an inch. When you consider that the cost of a typical renovation usually runs over $10,000 it makes a lot of sense to see what you are getting, in as much detail as possible, before-hand. The design is produced by an experienced trades-person and will reflect the realities of materials, building codes, and existing conditions.

Below are some examples of a fireplace built in Caledon by Gorman Masonry.


Things usually start with a rough sketch which gets built as a 3D computer model.


Computer Design Image

Once the basic shapes and measurements are agreed upon, details like texture, colour, lighting, etc. can be explored.


This animation reflects some of the changes the design went through to get to it's final stage.


Fireplace renovation completed

On the left is a photo of the finished project - the right hand image is our final render prior to construction.